ZenGo Crypto Wallet Review – Is it worth it?


ZenGo Wallet Review

Our experts review crypto wallets on the market today by cost of use, functionality, price, and more. We’re here to help you make informed decisions. 

ZenGo Wallet is a non-custodial mobile crypto wallet that uses face recognition technology instead of private keys. They offer a test within the app for people concerned that a snapshot of their face could be used to gain access to their wallet (it does not work with ZenGo). This feature ensures that there is no single point of failure and that you will not lose your money if your wallet is hacked or lost. It’s an intriguing new way to avoid seed words or codes while still having access to a variety of functions for cryptocurrency investors and users.

The ZenGo wallet allows you to purchase, sell, send, and receive cryptocurrency. ZenGo is a mobile crypto wallet that allows you to trade, send, and purchase over 70 different coins as well as earn Btc interest.

The ability to buy and sell supported cryptocurrencies immediately within the app is one of the primary features that makes ZenGo a good mobile wallet alternative, providing convenience for users as well as a revenue stream for ZenGo.

ZenGo is designed to let you transfer and receive cryptos while maintaining complete control over your holdings. There are no minimums, maximums, or additional fees for sending and receiving bitcoins.

Pros of Zengo Wallet


*A high-quality cryptocurrency trading app for mobile devices


*Earn Interest on your crypto deposits, as well as Free Bitcoin and bonuses


*Features facial recognition, three-factor authentication to keep your currencies safe.


ZenGo's facial recognition software allows users to access their wallets without storing a seed phrase that can be used to retrieve the wallet if their smartphone is lost or stolen. It is perfect for beginners due to its low trading fees, simple platform, and over 70 cryptocurrencies.

A Crypto Wallet you can trust.

Mark Johnson

“Zengo is an easy to use wallet. I depend on them as a safe place to store my cryptocurrency.”

Elly Brett

“For over 10 years, Zengo has consistently proven their ability be the best wallet on the market.

Jenna Ballard

“When we needed help to manage our crypto, Zengo turned out to be the perfect place.”

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