Trust. It’s one of those things in life that is difficult to earn, and easy to lose. In order for us to achieve our mission, it is essential that our readers and our customers trust the information we are providing. We designed our entire process with those two ideas in mind. 


We wanted to identify three guiding principles to help us stay focused when developing our review process. Our team is a diverse group of professionals spanning across the globe and spanning across most demographics. During our brainstorming sessions, these three characteristics were identified as common factors among the online resources and services we trusted the most.  


In-depth. Comprehensive. Independent. 


Company reviews, product recommendations. What is a better format? A brief, cursory overview with a few key points and features? Or something more in-depth, more comprehensive?  When it comes to decisions regarding banking, financial services, investments, cursory just won’t cut it. But information overkill with pages upon pages of industry jargon you don’t understand also does not work. None of us have the time to become experts on every service we use or product we buy. That’s why we look online for reviews, recommendations and resources to help us make informed decisions without having to become an expert. So there is definitely a fine line that exists between not enough information and information overkill. We have found that fine line.

We are independent. We are not puppets, simply repeating the messaging of the companies, products and services we review. We control the narrative which is based on real user experience and real data. Although it is true we generate revenue through affiliate links and the products we sell, we will never censor our content or reviews developed by our independent guides, who do not earn any money from the products or services they are reviewing. We pay our guides to provide honest, unbiased opinions and let the cards fall where they may. This is essential to establishing and maintaining trust with our readers. Our fully independent guides become users, players, customers and complainers. They try, they buy, they return, they dispute. They send, they spend, they use, they lose. They binge, they sin, they win and they write. And when they write, they do so from the perspective of having fully immersed themselves in the product or service, sometimes for months on end. You can click on a guide below to learn more about the specifics that they each go through when they are curating, developing and contributing the content that goes into our reviews and recommendations. Who are the guides?