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Mysterium is now a global, distributed network powered by everyday people. Network participants are incentivised to share their resources in a supply and demand marketplace, helping others gain access to the open internet. Our VPN app is the heart of the network, and our users are the soul which carries this philosophy to every corner of the world.

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Mysterium isn’t just a VPN service, although they are an amazing VPN provider. They’re features don’t stop there.. Mysterium is also a Cyrpto token that can be purchased, sold and traded on the open market, and used to pay for your VPN service. Mysterium works by allowing users to open up their network to share with others. This allows an untraceable network of computers connecting all throughout the world sharing IP addresses. Payment for their service is through the Mysterium token easily purchased from their website and app. 

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Want to take your VPN to the next level? Mysterium's got you covered. Very affordable using their pay as you go model. Pay directly with crypto out of your wallet, or purchase crypto from Mysterium. Want to share your internet and earn crypto?

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How does Mysterium work?

Don’t want to involve credit cards, banks or cash? Pay for your privacy with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether to be truly untraceable and censorship-resistant. Don’t have a crypto wallet? Not a problem. You can easily top up your account using fiat payment options such as PayPal or GooglePay. For a VPN, Mysterium is easy to use, safe, secure, discrete, not to mention easy to setup and use. What more can you ask for? My favorite feature of Mysterium is the pay as you go, or “pay for what you use” instead of every other VPN provider that charges you by the month. This feature has been far more cost benefit in my experience. In addition, I’ve had no issues with streaming services, web browsing, and gaming. To setup your network node, in order to share your internet and receive Mysterium tokens, you have to have a specific operating system to get things setup. It’s not difficult, and can be another small form of income if you are in the right place, and have the right internet provider that offers high speed connections. 



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