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How often do you connect to a Wi-Fi to go online in a public place without giving security a thought? Whether it’s an airport lounge, a restaurant or a hotel room, public Wi-Fi hotspots leave you vulnerable to data theft. For an experienced hacker on the same network, it’s no big deal to spy on everything you do through a duplicate Wi-Fi. Get the best VPN provider which ensures data protection by encrypting your connection.

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FastestVPN’s 1-month plan is pitched at an average $10, but this drops to a low $2.49 on the annual plan, and a tiny $1.11 a month if you pay for three years upfront.

You won’t find them on the regular pricing page, but the site also has a deals page with even cheaper offers. The three-year price here is $0.70 a month, and there’s a new five-year plan for a monthly $0.66.

If you normally avoid long-term contracts, then so do we, but when prices are this low, there’s very little risk. To put it in perspective, FastestVPN’s five-year deal comes out to an payment of $40. 

Right now, FastestVPN has a ‘limited time offer’ where you get 2TB of Internxt cloud storage and a password manager bundled with all accounts. Buy the 2TB plan direct from the Internxt website and that alone costs around $10 a month.

Fastest VPN offers a variety of different payment options, you can pay via card, PayPal or our favorite, cryptocurrency. The money-back guarantee period is 15-days, which should be plenty of time to see if the service is going to work for you.

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FastestVPN is compatible with all major platforms. Whether you have a Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android, or Fire TV download the FastestVPN app and enjoy VPN protection with just a click. When you are on the move, use FastestVPN to access content from back home. Configure FastestVPN directly in the router to enable broad compatibility – with more than 20 platforms! With high-speed servers available in more than 30 countries worldwide, this means that you have that many opportunities to explore regional content. Switch between servers instantly and an unlimited number of times. A dedicated Netflix USA server ensures guaranteed access to Netflix’s complete digital library. And there is absolutely no cap on bandwidth whatsoever – enjoy an experience that’s truly unrestricted with FastestVPN.



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