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Make purchases easily using your IBAN or IDEAL. Bitonic does their part by offering a knowledge academy to teach best practices and strategic advice for using their platform.

"Europe's Trading Platform"

Active since 2012, Bitonic is the platform to buy and sell bitcoins fast and reliably using iDEAL and SEPA. Bitcoins are always sold directly from stock and delivered at the quoted price. No additional or hidden fees apply to our very competitive prices. Buying and selling without the risks of a changing exchange rate.

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About Bitonic

Bitonic is the first, and largest Bitcoin exchange located in The Netherlands. Active since 2012 they boast to have the knowledge and experience to inform, advise, educate, or support business, or persons on best practices when diving into the world of Bitcoin through their “Academy” This consists of slide type presentations and workshops, technical and strategic advice, research reports, and specific training geared toward technical students. I wasn’t able to find their fee structure on their website for trading on their exchange, but the way they make their money is by inflating their BTC purchase price, and decreasing their sell prices by a very small amount. Somewhere between .50%-.70% is what we averaged when dealing on their exchange. The only other time we were charged was when we withdrawal funds. This is an industry standard, as  you need to pay for blockchain admin anywhere, Bitonic didn’t add anything to those fees in our experiences. 

"Bitonic is quick and easy to register with"

No fees, and quick verification through their app to get started.

Bitonic Review

Sign up and registration is super easy and quick. Start buying crypto right away using your IDEAL account, or fund directly with your IBAN. This limits availability outside of Europe.

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Bitonic platform

Bitonic does not specify that they don’t except US customers, but it’s not so easy to get a European IBAN unless you reside in Europe. IDEAL is the standard in Europe when paying for anything online, so most all European’s have an IDEAL account already setup. After that, verification is a simple procedure through their mobile app. Once you’re through the verification process you’re able to view their trading experience view. Bitonic makes this very simple and easy to read what’s most important, and leaves out all the rest. For beginners, this makes things easy, as there’s no “extras” to complicate the process. On the other hand, it also lacks extra information about price changes, and market information that some other exchanges have front and center. Overall, we found Bitonic to be an easy to use, low cost way of trading Bitcoin.



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